WooAliexpress Importer


  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Created: 05/11/2016
  • Latest Update: 03/11/2017


Common settings

1. Default Product Type : This is WooCommerce setting. By default WooCommerce assign simple product type for each product that has been imported from some provider (Aliexpress). If you want to transfer user on the provider website, once he clicks on buy button on the WooCommerce product page, then just set the setting to External/Affiliate Product Also you need get your own API Key and use it in the WooAliexpress Importer to generate affiliate links

2. Default Product Status : Set the default product status for importing into WooCommerce.

3. Products per page : Set the number of products which should be imported per request. API has constraints to limit maximum number.

4. Local Currency : Set different currencies for imported products.

5. Currency conversion factor If your store has currency that differs from us dollar then you need specify the conversion factor right here. The price will be multiplied by its value

6. Currency conversion API : currency converter JSON API for real-time and historical exchange rates - reliable and accurate.

7. Products Language : Set different Language for imported products.

Import setting

1. Import Description : Enabled Importing Product description.

2. Remove links from description : Remove links from description of imported products.

3. Remove images from description : Remove images from description of imported products.

4. Convert all links from description to affialite links.

5. Https image url : Import images with Https URL.

6. Image Import Limit : Limit import images into product gallery WooCommerce for each product

7. Product Quantity : Set this to generate a random stock quantity for a product within a range.

Schedule setting

1. Auto Synchronisation : Use this to check the stock availability automatically by schedule for all products or manually for particular products.

2. Auto Update Price : Use this to check the price automatically by schedule for all products or manually for particular products.

3. Status Not Available : If a source product becomes unavailable, then the product at your stock will go to trash, change its status to “out of stock” or keep “in stock”.

4. Schedule an Update : Set the schedule for auto-update stock availability and price.

5. Products update per schedule : Set the number of products you want to update per schedule.

Variations setting

1. Load variations images : Load variations images products.

2. Use default variation template.

3. Use Chrome extension. (This is required for obtaining variations)

4. Use default variation product quantity.

Shipping Setting

1. Ship-to Country : Set default Shipping country for imported products.

2. Show on Frontend : Show Shipping mode for imported products on Frontend.

3. Forbidden words : Addition of the forbidden words (it checks product title and description and the method name)..

Fulfillment Setting

1. Shipping method : Set default Shipping method for imported products.

2. Override phone number.

3. Custom note : Add a note to the seller.


You can easily import products into WooCommerce using our built-in API key or use your own keys :

Price Settings

Update Price and Stock

1. Manual update of particular products Price and Stock Availability:

2. Status Update Price and Stock Availability:

Edit product functions

You can edit the product data before placing it into WooCommerce.

For the total edition of the data, you must press the button : Load more details

After loading the data you have the option to change the data show :

1. Edit Product Title.

2. Edit Product Keywords.

3. Edit Product Description.

4. View shipping list in details.

5. The category or product is linked in your shop.

6. You can post product by clicking on them.

7. Clicking on the image opens a popup that displays the picture gallery.

8. Add a new image.

Order URLs

1. Keeping the product/seller URLs.

2. Fulfill the order automatically.

Keeping the product/seller URLs


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