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woocommerce ebay importer

Woocommerce Ebay Importer

Woocommerce Ebay Importer is a plugin that used to import products with the variations Ebay product from Ebay market to your woocommerce shop just by one click ! And make money ! . The plugin is helpful to create the site with specific products and use affiliate URLs.


woocommerce ebay importer
Import products in 3 second
woocommerce ebay importer
Search products by different filters
woocommerce ebay importer
Quick edit product feature
woocommerce ebay importer
Add and delete products photos on the fly
woocommerce ebay importer
Auto updating system to check on product price and stock
woocommerce ebay importer
Bulk uploading products
woocommerce ebay importer
Ability to set price coefficient for all products
woocommerce ebay importer
Schedule post into WooCommerce

Full features list :

Woocommerce Ebay Importer Works as plugin on any WordPress Install
Add Product name to all images in product contents
Importing Variable products is made easy using this plugin.
Compatible with any WordPress WooCommerce Ready Theme
Counting Products views and affiliate link clicks
Search for products by different filters: store name, keywords, category, price range, shipment price, feedback score, shipment options, condition, site, listing type.
Split search results into pages to simplify data review.
Sort search results by different fields.

Participiate in the Ebay Affiliate program by adding your API key.
Find links to Ebay product and seller pages on the WooCommerce Orders page in the WordPress backend.
Use the Price rules to set own rules to add your markup/margin to product price.
Possibility to display regular and sale prices of the product
Auto-update system to check product price/stock-availability.
Support product Gallery
Auto Update Product info.
Bulk posting of found products from the search result page into WooCommerce.
Quick-edit product feature for each found item.
Ability to delete links and images from the product description while the posting (automatically)
Set own product statuses on posting and out-of-stock event.
Save free space on your server to limit count loaded images for products by using import product images limit